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How it Works

Donating cryptocurrency to your favorite nonprofit is now at your fingertips with, powered by Engiven. Many nonprofits do not yet accept crypto donations directly, but now makes the process of supporting them with gifts of cryptocurrency simple. Here's how it works:

Find The Nonprofit

Search for the nonprofit you want to support with your crypto donation (we have more than 1.6 million to choose from)

Select the Currency

Once you've found the nonprofit of your choice, select the crypto you want to give and the amount

Use the QR Code

Next, you'll be provided with a QR code and public address to use for sending the crypto donation

Blocks Get Confirmed

Once the donation is sent, Engiven will monitor the blockchain for verification and send you a donation receipt via email when it completes

Funds Get Exchanged

Engiven will exchange the donated crypto for USD and grant the USD to the nonprofit you selected


When does the nonprofit receive its donated funds?

Gifts received by the Engiven Foundation are typically sent to the nonprofit organization you designate within 5 business days of the close of the month in which the contribution was received. If the aggregate donations for the charity do not meet the minimum disbursement amount of $10, Engiven Foundation will hold such donations until the sum of the aggregate donations meets the minimum disbursement amount. Regardless, Engiven Foundation will disburse such donations to the designated nonprofit, net of processing costs, at the end of every twelve (12) months, regardless of whether or not such amount is less than the minimum disbursement amount.

Will I receive a donation receipt?

Once your gift is confirmed on its respective blockchain, a contribution receipt is automatically delivered to the email address you provide when you initiated the gift. Please check your spam folder and set any security filters to allow emails sent from the domain. If you entered an invalid email address or do not receive a contribution receipt, please email us at

Is this process safe and secure?

Engiven works hard to ensure we are the most secure and most trusted cryptocurrency donation platform in the world. Read more about our Security and Compliance.

I'm an organization - how do I offer crypto giving on my website?

If you are an organization looking to offer crypto giving, please head to for more information.

Who is the Engiven Foundation?

Engiven Foundation operates as a project of PPF, a Maryland charitable trust recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Federal Tax ID: 27-6601178). Contributions to Engiven Foundation are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Will I receive an appraisal for a donation over $5,000?

If at the time you make a contribution, your gift has a value of over $5,000 USD and the asset you donate was acquired at least one year prior to the date you make the gift, your receipt will include a link to initiate the creation of IRS form 8283 and a free appraisal.

What are the fees?

The Engiven Foundation grants the donated funds to the other charities and charges a 4% fee. This fee is used to pay banks, processing companies and other administrative costs.

What if I can't find my organization?

If the nonprofit organization you are looking to support cannot be found via our system-generated search function, you can request that the Engiven team conduct a manual review of the organization. To make that request, complete the short form here and an Engiven representative will contact you if we are able to help facilitate a donation to that organization.